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If you want to spend your day sipping top-quality wine, soaring in a trampoline park or looking for brand-name clothes at incredibly affordable prices, Albertville is the place for you. Mountain Air Trampoline Park has some of the best trampoline facilities in the city, with the ability to fly through the air with great ease.

Guests can also lace up their skates and have immense fun at Mega Skate, a fabulous skating facility that encourages children to stay longer. Equipped with a variety of different types of skateboards, skateboards and other equipment, children can run wild and have endless fun. Spacious and full of dazzling lighting nets, Mega Skate is also one of the best places to celebrate children's birthdays and holiday parties.

Enjoy everything from deep-fried buttock-boy sandwiches stuffed into homemade hoagie rolls to plates of Rockefeller oysters topped with bacon, cheese, onion, tomatoes and a side of sweet potato fries. Even the burgers are interspersed with something special, grilled with hickory and piled high with delicious extras such as handmade breaded crispy onion rings. But the real mass are the spicy sausage balls and imaginative cupcakes - the palates in this restaurant. If you want a kick in the mouth, try Jefferson Baked Oyster, which is topped off with a generous dollop of hot sauce, bacon and cheese on a hot dog bun.

The cosy restaurant also serves a complimentary bucket of peanuts to keep you busy until your entree arrives. Graham Park is the perfect choice for an outdoor setting. Pack a picnic, play ball on one of the manicured fields or just lie back and drink under a blue sky. This site is located on the site where the first school and church in the city was built in the mid-19th century. The ideal place to spend a mild, sunny afternoon is this park with its wide green spaces, picnic tables and plenty of outdoor seating.

Jules J. Berta Vineyards has created a prominent, award-winning vineyard in the heart of the city with its rich, illuminated Petit Syrah and Chardonnay. The rich land reminds the owners of their home country and what they find in their home state of California. This charming vineyard is located just a few miles north of downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and south of Calgary.

Created with only top-quality ingredients, you will find an enticing selection of wines, beers, spirits and food from around the world. There are shelves full of wonderful knick-knacks, fantastic artwork adorning the walls and a fine wardrobe full of the latest and greatest clothes, accessories and accessories. The VF Outlet offers a wide range of high-quality clothing, shoes, homewares, jewelry and more, from comfortable pyjamas to high-quality shoes, handbags, purses, hats, sunglasses and much more. I can say that I am a serious shopaholic and love everything in this store, from clothes to accessories, from shoes to jewelry, clothes and jewelry.

This brick and mortar house in historic downtown Albertville is a dream come true and home to a wealth of historic treasures. The Albertville Museum has a collection of more than 1,000 objects from the past, present and future of the city, and is also a great place to learn about the past of this gentle, mannered village. Guided tours are offered to delve into history, such as the devastating tornado that raged in 1908, almost wiping out this city.

Albertville's slow pace allows perplexed travelers to catch their breath and appreciate the little things in life that can have a big impact. Even the high climbing walls challenge you to experience everything, even in the middle of the busy streets of the city.

During the chat, Rizieq allegedly made sexual comments, asked Ms Firza to send him nude pictures of herself and gave apparent instructions to his wife that he should be quiet or the guards would eavesdrop on him. Many of the alleged conversations cannot be repeated here, but at one point it is alleged that she had a physical relationship with him, and he refers to intimate acts between the two.

Under Indonesia's anti-pornography law, it is illegal to make, share, view, store or make an object or model of pornography of someone else. Police have named an Islamic Defence Front leader as a suspect after he allegedly sent nude pictures of a female supporter during a steamy WhatsApp chat. Indonesian police say they have made several arrests in connection with the images, which were circulated on WhatsApp. The same anti-pornography legislation has been used in recent years to arrest 141 gay men, according to the Jakarta Post, the country's largest newspaper.

Rizieq and the FPI are led by former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, a close ally of President Jokowi. His lawyer Kapitra Ampera said her client would face the allegations again and his return would mark the beginning of a "white revolution" that would eventually lead to his government's election defeat in 2019. Rizie also faces accusations of insulting Islam and criticizing the nation's pancasila doctrine.

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