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From the idyllic, picturesque luxury of Mountain Brook, Alabama, everyone has a certain charm that everyone likes, and something makes it so special. Some residents have known this for years, but for those who have just explored the area, it is a place that is good for you.

Albertville, AL, received a 67 out of 100 rating for quality of life and while it has the eleventh-best comfort index in the state, it also offers some of the cosiest conditions to work in Alabama. To see where Alabama's top 50 spots are, scroll to the bottom of this post. From there, the individual rankings are averaged into a total score for Big Deal, with the winner receiving the lowest score for Auburn.

In addition, Albertville, AL, with a 67 out of 100 rating, has a number of things that people like, like good schools, great parks and great restaurants and bars.

There are many places to explore and things to do in Albertville, Alabama, and my favorite is Eagle Mountain State Park, a great place to visit all year round.

The Sandberg leisure centre also serves as an additional sports facility for the city's public school system. Albertville has invested more than $50 million in its public school system to improve facilities, which has attracted more students and residents. Guests can also lace up their skates and have immense fun at Mega Skate, a fabulous skating facility that encourages children to stay longer. The new $1.5 million Albert County Community Center offers almost everything a resident could wish for himself and his family.

In another piece of good news, a partnership between Albertville and Chattanooga, Tennessee - California-based private equity firm KPMG - has led to a $1.5 million investment to build the Albertville Marketplace Plaza, the city's first public-private partnership in more than a decade.

Located in North Carolina, it is a huge venue that offers exciting games, restaurants and entertainment. Creek Entertainment in Gretna is one of the largest entertainment companies in the state of Georgia and the second largest in Alabama. It houses a sports, leisure, wellness and entertainment park with golf course, golf courses, bowling alley, water park and fitness centre.

This is the largest plateau in the chain and is the second largest mountain in Alabama and the third largest in North Carolina. Geologically, Sandberg is a continuation of Walden Ridge and forms a major part of the plateau separated by the Tennessee River and the Sequatchie Valley. It is located south of Raccoon and Elder Mountain, where it is known as "Raccoon Mountain" or "Elder Mountain."

There is a church that treats snakes, and the book is set in the village of Cherokee Creek, south of Sandberg Mountain, north of the Sequatchie Valley. The book's main character, Dr. Robert E. Lee, and his wife live on Sand Mountain. There is also a "Schlangenhandlingskirche" on the Sandberg and the "Schlangenhandlingskirche" on the mountain.

On Sand Mountain, pro-Union sentiment remained strong, and in December 1860, the town of Paint Rock south of Cherokee Creek voted to secede immediately. In September 1861, Robert E. Lee and his Confederate Army of Tennessee lifted the Paint Rock Rifles on Sandberg.

As mentioned before, Mountain Brook had high cost of living due to its proximity to the Mississippi. Where Pelham really excelled, however, was his ability to carve his way into the world's most prestigious music festivals, such as the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and the Alabama Jazz Festival.

In Albertville, the home price to income ratio is 3.3, higher than the national average of 2.5, but lower than in Mountain Brook. The population was just 3,158 at the 2000 census and has quadrupled since, making it one of the fastest growing cities in Alabama with a population of more than 4,000.

Birmingham and Shelby County suburbs consistently performed well and did well in education. That position has strengthened Albertville's ability to surpass the high school graduation rate in the state, which is reflected in its strong performance in Alabama High School Graduation Assessment last year.

Mountain Brook has one of the state's lowest crime rates, at 0.5 per 100,000 people. Calera is a wonderful place for families, and it is home to a great school system and a high quality of life. However, the crime rate ranks among the worst places in the top ten, keeping the city from being higher up the list.

Sandberg, located in the middle of the South, has short and mild winters compared to many other parts of our country, with snow being a real rarity. It is also known as one of the most pleasant places in Alabama due to its relatively low crime rate, high quality of life and good weather.

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More About Albertville